Top Benefits of Always Following Your Oil Change Schedule

Top Benefits of Always Following Your Oil Change Schedule

Top Benefits of Always Following Your Oil Change ScheduleStaying up-to-date with oil changes is one of the kindest things you can do for your engine. You can consult your owner's manual to see your vehicle's exact needs for oil type and oil change mileage points. At Absolut Autoworks, our local mechanics have extensive experience with conducting auto maintenance in the greater Sterling, VA area, including full-service oil changes.

Why to Stay Current with Oil Changes

The top reason to always follow your oil change schedule is that this will substantially reduce the risk of metal-on-metal contact causing serious damage to your engine's moving parts. If you do skip an oil change and your engine becomes insufficiently lubricated, then you may notice evidence of this problem, such as your oil pressure warning light flashing on, or strange sounds arising from your engine.

It's also important to keep up with oil changes so that you're not driving with polluted oil. If you go too long without an oil change, then contaminants could cause your oil to develop a sludgy consistency. With sludgy oil, there's a heightened risk of your engine becoming under-lubricated. It's also important to drive with unpolluted oil because this will enable heat to be more efficiently redistributed from your combustion chamber. This will make it easier for your engine to stay within a healthy temperature range. And when you're driving with the right amount of uncontaminated oil, it's more likely that your engine will attain optimal power and fuel-efficiency.

When it comes time to get your oil changed, it's always best to go to an experienced mechanic. This way, a seasoned automotive expert will have the chance to take a look at your engine, which could result in the identification of an emerging problem. Then the problem can be resolved before it gets worse.

Oil Change in Sterling, VA

When you need auto maintenance in Sterling, VA and the surrounding area, contact Absolut Autoworks at (703) 437-1607. At our nearby auto shop, we can expertly complete any of your vehicle's repair or maintenance needs. Feel free to give us a call today to schedule an appointment!

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Posted: April 2022

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