Recognizing a Suspension Issue

Recognizing a Suspension Issue

Recognizing a Suspension IssueTo ensure smooth handling and safe driving, you need to keep your suspension in great shape. At the first indication of suspension trouble, you'll want to bring your vehicle to the shop for an inspection. Here's a look at six signs that it's time for suspension repair.

"Nose Diving" Sensation

If your shocks are shot, then your vehicle is liable to lunge forward at a downward angle when you step on the brakes.


Assuming you're abiding by the posted speed limit, it shouldn't ever seem like you're drifting or swaying when you take sharp corners. But if you do get this sensation, then suspension trouble could be brewing.

Doesn't Pass the Bounce Test

There's a simple test you can conduct that will help you figure out if your shocks/struts are shot. First, make certain that your vehicle is securely parked. Next, use all of your weight to press down on the front end and rock it a couple of times before letting go. Then, go around back and do precisely the same thing on the vehicle's rear. After you release, if the vehicle rocks more than two or three times, then it'll be worth having a mechanic take a more in-depth look at your suspension.

Bumpy Driving

If it feels like you're hitting bumps, but you can see that the road is smoothly paved, then there's reason to suspect a problem with your suspension.

Bald Spots on Tires

When shocks/struts fail, tire tread can wear down unevenly. This can consequently cause bald spots to form on your tires.


In all likelihood, your shocks will need to be replaced if you can see that oil has started to leak out onto them.

If you need auto repair, be sure to visit a reputable mechanic. For suspension repair in Herndon, Reston, and Sterling, VA, contact the experts at Absolut Autoworks at (703) 437-1607. Feel free to give Absolut Autoworks a call today to schedule an appointment for any of your vehicle's repair or maintenance needs!

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Posted: October 29, 2020

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