7 Indications that Your Alternator Is Bad

7 Indications that Your Alternator Is Bad

7 Indications that Your Alternator Is BadA healthy alternator plays a critical role in ensuring that your battery charges up. If your alternator malfunctions, then your battery's power reserve could run dry, leaving you unable to get moving down the road. When you first notice a sign of alternator trouble, you'll want to take action to address it. Here's a look at seven common signs of alternator failure.

Dead Battery

Car batteries should typically live for three to five years. However, if yours dies sooner than this timeframe, a failing alternator could be the culprit---unless of course you left your lights on!

Dashboard Indicator Light

If a dashboard warning light illuminates that reads ALT or GEN, then alternator trouble could be brewing. In some vehicles, this light turns on in the shape of a little battery.

Belt Issue

You may have found the reason for your alternator trouble if you can see that a belt is too tight, too loose, or is cracking.

Electrical Accessory Problems

In newer cars, computers are regularly programmed to determine which accessories should get powered down first if the alternator isn't working properly. This way, essential functions will be prioritized to receive the power supply. So, if your power windows aren't working like they should, it could be because of an alternator problem.

Trouble with Headlights

Your headlights rely on the alternator to function properly. When the alternator malfunctions, headlights could start to dim or flicker. This creates a safety issue, especially if you have to navigate roads that aren't illuminated by street lights.

Burning Smell

Your alternator's drive belt puts up with a lot of stress. When it becomes worn down, it could start to produce a burning odor.

Stalling Out

Your vehicle is liable to stall out if the alternator isn't providing enough power to the spark plugs.

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Posted: November 26, 2020

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