8 Important Winter Auto Maintenance Tasks

8 Important Winter Auto Maintenance Tasks

8 Important Winter Auto Maintenance TasksThroughout the winter months, poor visibility and slippery streets can compromise your safety on the road. By getting to the shop for winter auto maintenance, your vehicle will be prepared to keep you as safe as reasonably possible. Here are eight types of winter auto maintenance.

Check Wiper Blades/Fluid

For vehicles that are driven regularly, wiper blades should be replaced twice per year, with heavy-duty blades being a good option for the winter. And a healthy level of freeze-resistant wiper fluid will help to optimize visibility through your windshield.

Check Battery/Charging System

Freezing weather can be brutal on car batteries. By getting your battery checked, you can be sure that it isn't likely to leave you stranded when the thermometer plummets.

Brake Inspection

As part of a brake inspection, the mechanic will look closely at all braking system components and make sure that they're fully prepared to help you stop your car in a safe manner.

Check Heating System

During stretches of frigid weather, you count on your heating system to keep you safely warm. And to be able to safely see the road ahead, you need to be able to keep your windshield defrosted.

Check Tire Tread/Pressure

During the wintertime, it's crucial that your tires are providing you with ample traction. If your tire tread has approached 6/32 or less, it's time to start thinking about getting a new set that will provide you with maximum safety in poor driving conditions.

Add New Antifreeze as Needed

To consistently keep your engine at a healthy operating temperature, you need to drive with the right amount of clean antifreeze.

Check Radiator Cap

For your cooling system to maintain proper pressurization, it's important that there are no leaks stemming from your radiator cap.

Check Exhaust System

During the winter time, your windows will always be rolled up, making it all the more important that your vehicle hasn't developed an exhaust leak.

If you need auto maintenance to improve safety for winter driving, be sure to visit a reputable mechanic. For winter auto maintenance in Herndon, Reston, and Sterling, VA, contact the experts at Absolut Autoworks at (703) 437-1607. Feel free to give Absolut Autoworks a call today to schedule an appointment for any of your vehicle's repair or maintenance needs!

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Posted: December 24, 2020

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